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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hanging Around

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Happy 2006.

We rang in the New Year just as we planned.. with fun food and movies. The past few days have been quiet and restful, spent almost exclusively at home. The boys were exhausted on New Years day... Spencer made it till midnight, and Everett and Paxton lasted till about 11:30. We've been playing lots of games both old new, including several rounds of Monopoly, Herd Your Horses, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, and Parcheezi. Paxton has been on another computer
kick, and he and I are both very thankful that I have a laptop on order. Spencer's fixation at the moment is still the Dukes of Hazard, and he is in the middle of watching the second season on DVD, an early birthday present. The boys have also been doing a lot of reading. Spencer has re-discovered his Boxcar Kids books, and both he and Paxton have been working their way through an Earth and Space book. Everett's choice for the past few nights has been Where is Baby's Belly Button, a very cute lift-the-flap book from Yaya and Grandpa Skip.

Yesterday we got a phone call we have been waiting for for weeks, telling us that our furniture is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. We were all very relieved to hear this, as we had had
nothing but the futon that we'd bought for the guest room. Now it can go in the room where it belongs, and we can finally set up our living room.

Our second phone call of interest came this morning. Mike was offered a temporary job at the local University. He starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. The boys and I have mixed feelings about him going to work, but know of course that it is necessary. Mike is looking forward to it. He's spending today, his last day home for awhile, with the big boys. Right now they are out running errands, including a stop at the DMV to register the car. Not the most exciting of outings, but they never seem to care as long as they're with Dad.


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