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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Early Birthday to Spencer!

With Spencer's birthday falling at the same time the baby is due, we didn't think we could really plan a party this year. Instead, he took his brother, his dad, and his Pop to see the Monster Jam show. It was a HIT, with all involved. Happy birthday Spencer!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New toys and hobbies

Spencer's doing something cool. A couple of weeks ago he announced that he wanted to start building and selling remote control cars. Knowing nothing about how to do that, but wanting to support his interest, I told him that it was a great idea and that we'd have to research a little bit to figure out where to start. We borrowed some books from the library, and he re-read some sections in his science encylopedia about motors, engines, and the like; but it wasn't exactly what he was looking for. The internet came to the rescue. A quick search revealed that not only are there are about a million hobby stores that sell all the components you'd ever need - and then some - for building a remote control vehicle from scratch, but that there are also a plethora of kits for beginners to get you started and teach you the basics. Awesome. He picked one, we ordered it, he built it. Here's his maiden voyage on Ebay:

Spencer's Car on Ebay

Around the same time, Paxton got a new bike; and Mike got a little '92 Integra for a commuting car. Both completely thrilled their new owners.

Everett didn't get a new toy this week, but he did have a playdate with his cousin and best friend, and they died their hair and took time out to pose for a picture

My new toy? A ridiculously fun little steam cleaner, that I've been using to systematically clean all the grout in the house.

And our final project of the week was to assemble the changing table/dresser, for the baby who is FAST approaching, whether we have everything ready or not

Monday, January 07, 2008

Homeschool video on YouTube

It's less than a minute long, but very neat

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years, rest, and more rest

Today has been quiet. Quiet and remarkably unremarkable. The dog stole a container of Ovaltine off the kitchen table. Spencer spilled grits all over the kitchen floor. My Magic Bullet lost a rubber gasket, sputtered and burnt out. We played playdoh, Playstation, and Wii. We watched tv, and we did a lot of sitting. I uploaded about 27,000 pictures to Photobucket, and chatted with a friend on instant messenger. We rested.

The normalcy of the day was hoped for and welcomed.

2007 was a crazy year, and for the vast majority of it, a BUSY year. I'm well aware that calmness isn't something usually associated with a household with a newborn, but calmness is still my prayer for the new year... calmness and peace.

Mike's parents were just here for their annual visit, and it was a fun and furiously fast 10 days. Christmas came and went, and I really think it was one of the best the boys ever had. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both a blur of presents, playing, and fun. We had a full house on Christmas Day, and it was the kind of Christmas I remember having as a kid... kind of chaotic, noisy, and filled with happiness. The next week passed by in a blur as well. We went hiking, visited Sedona, went to the zoo and the Science Center, went shopping, and went out to eat (most of which is well-documented with pictures). New Years Eve was a little strange for me this year, since I spent it alone with the boys. Mike, Skip and Barbara went off-roading, and the boys and I took in a movie, went out for lunch, and stopped at Target to get started on some baby-essential shopping. We brought in the new year with munchies and the movie Stranger Than Fiction. I think I headed to bed at 5 minutes past midnight. Everett was sick on New Years Day, so we barely left the couch. In between doting on our boy and administering doses of cold medicine and ibuprofen, Mike played Sims, and I worked on my baby registry. He was feeling well enough to go out yesterday, so we spent the last day of the visit at the Science Center, where the boys spent a long time in construction room, and enjoyed the new Strange Matter exhibit.

I'm exceedingly thankful that my energy held up, and even more thankful that I had no major problems with my gall bladder (more or less anyway, on both counts) Today, we rest. Rest, and start the baby countdown in earnest.

Here's the first of several slideshows. As always, the rest of the pictures can be found on Photobucket Password: fulton.


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