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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dinosaurs, marbles, and Ebay

The past couple of weeks have flown by with a rush of visitors, salesmen, repairmen, and doctor's appointments. In between, we've been organizing the toy room, unpacking long forgotten boxes, and working on new projects. Spencer built a dinosaur, we spent hours playing Marble Works, and as of last Sunday we have gone into business. After giving away countless tins of my lip balm over the past year, I decided to try my hand in selling them on Ebay. I mostly made them myself, and the boys have been excited to help with packing, labeling, and addressing. They especially like the shrink-wrapping part, which we have yet to fully get the hang of.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Real World

I get a lot of emails from friends and aquaintances curious about homeschooling. Not too long ago, I got a bunch of questions from a very sweet woman on one of my message boards. One of them was this.. "If kids don't go to school, how can they learn about the real world?" Which is odd to me, because exactly which world are Mike and I (and by extension the kids) living in if not the real world? This is the real world, this is life, and the kids are completely immersed in it.

I was thinking about this again yesterday because yesterday was payday. Payday comes twice a month, and twice a month I sit in the morning with my coffee and pay the bills. Yesterday, Spencer and Paxton asked if they could help. So we paid the bills together, and chatted about budgets and utilities and how our mortgage comes down faster if we pay a little extra each month... how important it is to keep the checkbook balanced... how the internet has made bill-paying easier... what happens if you don't pay your bills.

I don't know, I don't think it gets more "real world" than that.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Everett's greatest hits

We tried a couple of times to get a video of Everett singing, and the one that Paxton took turned out the cutest!

Happy Spring

My parents left for New Hampshire last night, after a 9 day visit. It was great to see them as always, and even more great this time because no one was sick. The boys were sick to various degrees the last time both sets of grandparents visited, so this past week was a happy change of pace. It was all about having fun and enjoying the warm (and at times, hot) Phoenix sunshine!

Saturday, we all caught up and hung out here. We set up the bouncy house, the boys played with Spencer's new bow and arrow, and we cooked on the grill. Sunday was more of the same, except the location changed to Sandi's house. On Monday we went out for lunch, and the boys were happy to show Mom and Dad their newly found favorite playground on the way home.

Thursday was the zoo, which is always fun, followed by another dinner out. On Friday, we headed up to Camp Verde, to Mom and Dad's new house. It's about an hour away, the same distance we were in New Hampshire. But it's a BEAUTIFUL ride, and I can never make it without commenting on how incredibly gorgeous this state is! The boys spent the afternoon and evening with Mom and Dad... shooting a foam shooter, baking cookies, playing hide and go seek, and being pool sharks in the club house... while Mike and I went to Sedona for dinner and a movie. Talk about gorgeous! Sedona is fast becoming one of my favorite places.

Saturday we hung out here and watched a movie, and on Sunday we went north again, to go to church in Camp Verde. People were nice and the service was great... but the best part was that the kids decided, very happily, to go to kids' church, and had a wonderful time. Even Everett surprised us by going off to the nursery when a sweet woman came up and asked him (and us) if he wanted to go play. I would never leave my kids just because it was what I was expected to do, but given the choice they wanted to. They wanted to, and they had a blast.

Here are some pics from the week:

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