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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fall in AZ

It's fall in Arizona, and I've decided it's arguably the most perfect weather I've ever experienced. It's still usually warm enough to wear shorts if you're so inclined, but not too hot for jeans if they're your preference. It's warm and sunny and breezy and dry.

We went to the Fall Harvest Party with the homeschool group last week, and the kids had a good time painting pumpkins, dipping their apples, eating lots of sugar, and just running themselves ragged at the park. Spencer made another new friend, Paxton spent a long time walking the balance beam on the playground, and Everett didn't want to leave the swings. On Saturday, we officially moved to the new house, and last night was our first ever Halloween - and trick-or-treating - in the new neighborhood. Mike was late getting out of work, so we headed straight out when he got home. Spencer and Paxton had been excited about it for weeks, and even Everett got really into it this year. We didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be a wonderful area for trick-or-treating. The neighborhood was friendly and festive and filled with kids. We actually hadn't gone for a couple of years, but the boys knew the ropes. They had no problem ringing doorbells, saying "trick or treat" or wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. Everett started to complain that his feet were hurting at one point, and we carried him from house to house. His bucket was getting so heavy that he was literally grunting at its weight, but all offers of helping him carry it were met with a resounding "NO, Ebbet carry it." It was a fun night, and the kids came home with a year's worth of candy. After trick-or-tricking we headed to Panda Express (Mike and the kids' new favorite) for dinner, and to Home Depot for an emergency part to fix a leaky valve in the kitchen. The boys had fun seeing all the people who were out and about with costumes on, and were tired and happy when we finally got home.

Pictures coming soon!


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