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Monday, June 16, 2008

busy, busy, busy

June's calendar is quickly filling up. The difference between May and June is that where May was busy in a let's-try-to-survive-this and keep-our-heads-above-water way, June is shaping up to be... dare I say, FUN?

The boys had their first-ever swimming lesson, which went VERY well. They're going to be having them every Wednesday from now on, at my sister's pool. The beauty of having private lessons in a familiar pool (besides the fact that it means a built-in playdate every week) is that they are completely customized to each child's learning style and strengths. The teacher is fun, kind, and respectful of the boys' individuality. Spencer liked dunking his head and blowing bubbles. Paxton discovered an affinity for floating on his back. And Everett, who tried a little bit of everything, was excited about the little box of prizes she let him pick through at the end.

And speaking of prizes...
Saturday we went to a birthday party at a Peter Piper Pizza. It was just like Chuck E Cheese - with the pizza and games and tokens and prizes - and the boys had a blast. It was really fun. It's amazing to hear myself say that, since places like that generally make me want to hide in a corner, rocking back and forth with my hands over my ears, but it was fun. Even Tegan got in on the action, happily visiting with all the guests and watching the festivities, before she finally konked out for a nap on Daddy's lap. After the party we headed off to the library, where the boys redeemed their first set of prizes for the reading program. And yesterday - Father's Day - my parents came over for a visit, and we played Wii, watched the boys cool off in the little plastic pool, and noshed on watermelon and blueberry pie.

Summer is here.


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