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Monday, June 15, 2009

Spencer and his hair

Spencer hadn't cut his hair in over a year. I'm not completely sure when he stopped cutting it, but it was short in this Easter 2008 picture, and I know it wasn't cut since then.

He just let it grow and grow (and boy did a grow!) until he had a long, thick beautiful mane of hair.

The past several weeks he's been asking to cut it. It was getting hot, it was easily tangled, and he was having trouble getting all the shampoo out of it. He's got his mom's thick hair to be sure! He didn't want to go to a hair dresser because he's not fond of getting man-handled, especially around his head and face. I can completely relate on that front, as I'm one of the only women I know who has no desire to get a massage, a facial, a pedicure, or any of the other spa-related pamperings that people get so excited about.

But he wanted it cut. So this weekend, I cut it myself.

He knew exactly what he wanted... he still wanted it on the longer side, but with bangs and long layers. We tried to model it after Dylan and Cole Sprouse - from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody - but since he has so much natural wave, it turned out a little more Jonas Brother than Sprouse Brother. He is very happy with it, thrilled with how light it feels, and excited to have a "'do" instead of just long, long hair.


BjMyAngel said...

He looks so happy with his new "do"!!!

Barbara said...

He is a handsome guy no matter what hair style he has!
Jen, you did a great job!
I'm glad this style makes him more comfortable!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it had grown that long is just over a year! that's amazing! it is so thick and shiny! you did a nice job.


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