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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthdays and Baseball

Paxton turned 9 on Friday. One would think that after four kids and 12 years of birthdays, that it wouldn't catch me so off guard each time. With the speed with which time is passing, it seems like I should fully expect to be waking up tomorrow to find them all grown and married with families of their own. Well he's not quite grown and he's not quite married, but Paxton - like the others - is definitely growing up!

We celebrated for two days (three if you include the fact that he's now playing his new Wii game) On Friday I bought him the computer game, Spore, that he's been waiting months for. His choice for his birthday dinner was shrimp scampi, and even I enjoyed it, sans the shrimp. How I had three boys who are so enamored with seafood is beyond me! :)

Yesterday, we had Mom, Dad, Sandi and Mitch and the kids, and Paxton's friend over for cake and ice cream, followed by a Diamondbacks game. We took the train in, which made it even more of an event. We ate (and ate and ate and ate), we cheered, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch the Diamondbacks WIN this time! 2 home runs, a couple of triples, an all-around exciting game. A very cool game to go to for a birthday celebration.

I don't know if it was the game, the excitement, or the jumbo sized Icees, but all the kids (minus Tegan, who was passed out cold in Mike's arms) were in super high gear as we made our way home. They raced each other on the sidewalk, jumped up and down on the curb, and played and laughed their way through the train ride back to the station. It was a good night. And it was a giddy and exhausted 9 year old who happily went to bed at 10, and slept for twelve hours straight.

Happy Birthday Pak!


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