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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tee Ball

I saw a Dr Phil episode once, where the guests were talking about their overscheduled kids. Kids they were dragging - literally - kicking and screaming, to ballet and karate, music lessons and soccer. The poor kids were miserable, the parents were miserable, and yet they somehow continued, thinking it was good and/or even important in some way for them to be involved in many activities. They were forced to go to activities they hated, and were too burnt out and exhausted to enjoy even the activities they would have otherwise liked. I promised myself that I would never do that, that when my kids wanted to try an activity or two that it would be of their own volition; that they were welcome to pick and choose; that if they tried something that wasn't a good fit that they could discontinue it.

He has only had 2 practices (though to hear him tell it, he wishes he had practice every day!) but Everett so far ADORES tee ball, and hasn't had a moment's hesitation about his decision.


Erika Seirup said...

YAY! An update and pictures!!! He looks so proud and so happy! I know what you mean about kids being overscheduled. I remember knowing people like that in California, however there isn't much to do here in Cedar (in terms of organized things) so I haven't seen much of that here. It is obvious your kids really enjoy doing this sport! How awesome that is!

Tuishimi said...

That's great! Good for him!


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