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Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy 1,000 Giveaway

Last weekend, I hit 1,000 fans on my Facebook page. I promised that when I reached 1,000, I would do a giveaway to celebrate. So here it is! I am humbled and thrilled to have so many of you reading along. I would write regardless, but having you all here makes it a whole lot more fun. :) Thank you all - all 1038 of you - so very much for being here, and for sharing my blog with others.

And without further ado, the giveaway! There's a lot of really cool stuff here, so make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see it all, and to see what you need to do to enter.

1. Jaimee, who runs the blog and etsy store, Craft Interrupted, says:

Hello Readers! My name is Jaimee and I am a stay-at-home mom to three boys. Much of my time is spent playing Batman, assisting with tree climbing, and helping defeat Bowser. More of my time is spent refilling juice cups, collecting muddy clothing, and reading piles of Curious George books. In the midst of the madness, I nurture my art degree and love of creativity by blogging craft projects and inspirational ideas at Craft, Interrupted. I also sells handmade baby toys and children's art wallets in my etsy store, By Craft, Interrupted. I'm so excited to participate in this awesome giveaway! You can visit Jaimee's Facebook page here.

Jaimee is giving away one Scribblet, a great (and adorable) take-along kids' wallet. It comes stuffed with crayons, notepad, and activity book, and is perfect for waiting rooms, travel, or any time your kids are bored :) Winner can choose a boy or girl themed print:

2.  Next is Bonnie, from Inspired Occasions. She makes delicious - and beautiful - cakes, cupcakes and other custom treats here in the Phoenix valley. You can visit her Facebook page for more.

Bonnie is a homeschooling mommy to three kiddos, ages 9, 4 and 2. She started her business 8 years ago to have a flexible schedule and stay home with her kids. The fact that she loves what she does is icing on the cake!

Bonnie is giving away one dozen dress or cake shaped cookies, (or mixed OR if you need another shape let me know). These are the yummiest sugar cookies! The icing is hand piped and made to match your theme or colors. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your order.

3.  Heather is a fellow unschooler who (when she's not busy encouraging people to be awesome over at her blog, Swiss Army Wife), is the creator of beautiful and unique chain maille jewelry which she sells on Etsy as Misty Island Armory.  In addition to her website, you can find her and her jewelry on Facebook as well.

She says:
I recently rekindled my love of making and designing jewelry. After discovering chain maille techniques I haven't been able to turn back. I love the pieces I create and I think you will too.
Heather is giving away one pair of these rainbow byzantine earrings:

Her write-up says "They are brightly colored and super light weight. Perfect for someone who doesn't like long heavy earrings or for a child who loves rainbows."  You can visit their listing in her store for more.

In addition, she's generously offered a 15% discount for my readers for the rest of the month of August!  Definitely take some time to check out all the great pieces in her store, then use the coupon code MCGRAIL when checking out.

4.  Next up, is an offering from Handmade by Tara

Tara says:
As a full time working Mom I found myself needing an outlet for myself, a way to calm myself and just be me. About a year ago I went to a jewelry workshop and found that exact thing. I have never considered myself creative, and still don't, but this tapped in to my creative side that I never knew was there. I enjoy doing the birthstone necklaces/bracelets because there is nothing more important to me than family and any way I can show them off I will! My pieces are not perfect but they are unique to you and your family. 
Tara is giving away one basic birthstone necklace.  The birthstones (of your choosing) hang on a 24 inch sterling silver chain.

I wear this necklace myself, and it is beautiful!

5.   Fellow unschooler Alice, who is a busy mom of 5 (including brand new twin baby girls) owns and operates Alice's Handmade Crafts.  She makes childrens' tutus, hats, and accessories, as well as custom embroidered products for adults.  Alice says:
I've always felt a need to create things, and this is the perfect outlet for me. My biggest seller is definitely the hat with flowers on top, with tutus as a close second. My newest items are the flower accessory and the elastic headband with flower, and I'm hoping they'll be popular as well. But my favorite projects, and the ones I'm most proud of, are my embroidered products. They are my most intricate items, and the ones I feel like I can really put myself into through design and color...
Today Alice is offering either one free custom flower headband, sized to fit whatever head you want, with your choice of color flower and either pearl or rhinestone center; OR a $10 gift certificate to put towards anything else in her shop, including custom items.  Here is what the headbands look like:

Cute baby girl not included :)
Visit Alice's Etsy Shop and Facebook page to see more.

6. Tara Mauger is an empowerment life coach who has generously offered to donate one free session to one of my readers.

Not sure what life coaching is all about? From her website:

I help people, like you, discover their true self empowerment. I guide you through the steps to take for you to lead a more empowered life in all areas of your life – usually working on one particular area at a time. I’m a firm believer in the ‘Laws of attraction’ and I work with you to be an empowered ‘attraction magnet’ for all your desires.


I help many people form different walks in life discover their true self empowerment in all areas of their life like: Financial (desired income etc), Relationships (with partners, children family and friends), Health & Wellness (weight loss, motivating fitness, healthy eating, dispelling sickness etc), Parenting, just to name a few.

Be sure to visit Tara's website and Facebook page to learn more.

7.  Jerry owns and operates Rural Toys, which creates and sells beautiful hand crafted wooden toys and doll furniture, as well as bowls, cutting boards and cutlery. He's been a toymaker since 1992, and "believes that toys need to "do" something, so most trucks, trains, animals, hop, waddle, etc. And they must be sturdy. Most furniture pieces get stood on to make sure that everything is ready for shipment."

I started making toys in 1992 for a local Christmas giveaway. When I showed friends samples, I pretty much sold all the items to them – fortunately, the charity gladly accepted cash but they also appreciated the wooded items I did have left.
In 2006 I started making Noah’s ark animals for a local vacation Bible school craft project. We added a nativity plaque the following year.
In 2008 I started making beds and other furniture for the 18” doll as a sturdy, low cost alternative to the non-solid wood imports.
Due to the actions by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, I no longer add any finish to the items I create for children.
I also create bowls, cutting boards, and cutlery using exotic and domestic hardwoods and participate at four or five art and craft shows each fall

Today Jerry is giving away one hardwood (poplar) stool/bench for that extra height for toothbrushing. Sturdy (he stands on each of them before they are "approved") and NOT Imported Nor MDF! This is an older version of this stool/bench, and can be personalized up to 8 letters.

Bench Mode

The seat back rotates forward to the floor to convert it a step stool.

This measures approximately 13 inches by 11 inches by 12 inches tall. The seat is approximately 6 inches from the floor. The step is about 3 inches from the floor.  Shipped to continental US only.

In addition, he's also offering a one-time 10% off coupon for all my readers at his Etsy Store and website! Please go check out his wagons, Noah's Ark toy, and wooden doll beds. (Use coupon code Blessed4 on Etsy. If ordering from his website - which he describes as 'new and evolving' - he will provide a 10% rebate if you let him know you came from my site) 

8.  And finally, the last item is lip balm lovingly made by yours truly

Yours will be brand new and sealed with plastic :)

Before I spent all my free time blogging, I made homemade lip balms.  These are 100% vegan, and come in 1/3 oz metal tins so they are nice and slim and easy to slip in a pocket.  This is the only thing I use on my lips!  The winner gets three tins (I have several scents/flavors to choose from) so you can have one for purse, pocket, and bedroom.  Just don't leave them in the car if you live in a hot climate like me.


Want to win something?!  Here's what you need to know:

I will keep this open for one week, and announce the winners on Monday, August 14th... so send your friends!  I am going to work it like a raffle.  Everyone who enters will be entered to win any of the above offerings.  One person will be randomly chosen (using randomizer.org) to win each item.  To enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post, and be sure to leave your email address so we can easily reach you.

For additional, optional entries:

2) Check out the websites and Facebook pages listed above, and "like" at least one of them on Facebook.

3) Share the link to this post on Twitter.

4) Share the link to this post on Facebook.

5) And just for fun (and because I'm in a movie mood), tell me your all-time favorite movie for a final bonus entry.

You don't need to come back and leave separate comments for each method.... just leave me one comment and let me know which of the above that you've done.


Thank you to each and every one of you.  I appreciate you all more than you know.  And a huge thank you to all the beautiful people who've generously donated to the giveaway as well!

Good luck!!

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