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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

April Fool's

Last night, Spencer and I had the following conversation:

Spencer - Mommy, what's that holiday in April?
Me - Easter?
Spencer - No, the one where you play pranks on people?
Me - Oh, April Fool's Day
Spencer - Yeah, April's Fools. Can we pretend it's April Fool's Day right now? I want to play a prank.

Through his giggles, he asked me to put a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink, so whoever went to turn on the water would get soaked. This was of course, completely within earshot of everyone in the house. I did what he asked, and two minutes later he and Paxton came to me with a cup, and were just doubled-over with laughter. "Mommy, can you wash this cup for us?" Giggle giggle giggle. So I went to the sink - with great aplomb I might add - and turned on the water. The beauty of it was that it barely hit me, but instead drenched Mike who was trying to load the diswasher. The kids found that absolutely hysterical, and found the fact that Mike then grabbed me and positioned me in front of the spray even more hysterical. It didn't matter that no one wasn't expecting it. The laughter from the kids - real, hard, honest-to-goodness, belly laughter - made it a moment to cherish.

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Deanna said...

I can just hear the galees of laughter! How fun! See I told you I check your blog often! :-) Give the boys kisses from us.


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