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Saturday, July 01, 2006

New friends and visitors

Last Saturday, we experienced our first real summer day at the zoo. They have a splash area for the kids during the hot months, and they had a good time cooling off. We went with some new friends.. Someone I actually "met" online a year ago, who also has a son Everett's age. We found we had a lot in common, and had a nice day watching and playing with the kids. We met bright and early at 8, so we'd have plenty of time to explore before we were ready to retreat home to the a/c at lunchtime. On Thursday, Sandi and the kids came over for an extended playdate. Spencer was so excited about it, he could barely sit still all week. She was supposed to be an extra in a movie shooting nearby (but her scenes ended up getting cancelled) and planned to spend the couple of nights at our house instead of driving back north. Thursday the kids were off the wall, and settled down just long enough to bake muffins and watch a little TV. Friday was much calmer, and everyone played and colored happily together. They drew picture after picture, and cracked themselves up making flip books of rocks falling on people's head, and in Isaac's case, puppies hatching from eggs. :) I watched all 5 kids without a hitch while Sandi went to an audition, and Mike did the same while she and I went out for a girls' night out to paint pottery. Last night was pizza, and another lazy walk through the commons before bed. It has been a great visit, and has made the wait for our next visitors - Mom & Dad, who are coming TONIGHT! - go even more quickly.


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