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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Projects

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It never fails that several months after Christmas, one of the boys will find a gift that was put on a shelf and forgotten about. This time it was a book about battery science, complete with battery and wires and motors just waiting to be played with. Paxton and I made a battery operated robot bug on Friday, then Spencer and Mike built a motor and made a doodle pen. Cool! Yesterday, we had a lazy Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes and eggs (made almost exclusively by the kids) and then spent most of the day out and about. First up were trips to Target and Trader Joe's; then to a boat store, an auto-parts store, and Home Depot... all for supplies for Mike's truck-tweaking project. Something to do with the air intake. The boys were very patient throughout all the store hopping, and were particularly in awe of the boat shop, that had everything from boats and trailers to kneeboards and tubes and water-skis. When we got home, Mike brought his project into the kitchen table so he could be social while he worked on it. Everett was more than happy to help, and the older boys got a kick out of the test drive around the block once he was done.


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