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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Swimming, playdates, and scorpion parties

July is almost over, and we're getting ready to ease into another month. We seem to go from insanely busy to nearly a stand-still, but the past couple of weeks have been pleasantly in between. We've gone swimming more than once, which is an odd experience in 110+ heat - the water is like bath water. The boys are getting more and more confident in the water, and I'm enjoying watching them learn... Paxton by jumping and kicking and sputtering and trying again and again and again; and Spencer the same way he learned to ride a bike: slow and steady. Everett is loving the water too, and has discovered the fun of jumping off the edge into our waiting arms.

We went on a playdate last week, and had another yesterday. Sandi, Mitch and the kids came down and watched the boys while Mike and I went out on a (exceedingly rare) date to the movies. Spencer apparently suggested a surprise party for our return, and we came home to a house decorated with streamers, paper balloons, and my personal favorite: giant paper cut-outs of scorpions. At least we can laugh about it.

Other random kid-related news:

Everett is talking up a STORM, and there is nothing he won't repeat.
Paxton is about to turn 6, and is trying on a new attitude for size
Spencer is currently fascinated with physics, and spending a lot of time playing with a new protractor.

We're still searching for another flip house, since our last one fell through, and spent yet another afternoon driving around scoping out possibilities. We've had our moments of frustration, but won't let ourselves lose momentum.

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Barbara said...

Mike was in his cousin's wedding before he turned 2. Everyone there called him the 44 year old midget, because he was dressed in a tux and repeated everything he heard. He had a HUGE vocabulary at such an early age.


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