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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


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We went to library yesterday. I love our library, both because it's close and because it's huge yet inviting. The kids played in the play area for a good hour before we ventured out to actually look for some books. Their picks this time? Everett got the book "Bark George" because he liked the dog on the cover, a story about Maisy, and a book about flying on an airplane. Spencer got another stack of books about construction vehicles, and car mechanics; and Paxton loaded up on Judy Blumes, a Spongebob book and a book about Amelia Bedelia. I went looking for him this afternoon, and snapped the above picture when I found him.

Now that it's summer, I'm seeing all these ads for summer reading programs, and getting a jump on reading for school, etc etc etc. I'm glad that none of those things are a concern for us, and that our summer (and our reading habits) will seamlessly blend into the next season.

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Deanna said...

Oh Danielle thinks Judy Blume is the greatest author EVER!!!! :-) She has been a reading animal this summer too. She all of a sudden devours books when she gets them! I love that they both have a natural love of reading! And it sounds like the boys do too!!!Kisses to my boys from us! xoxo


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