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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Having a ball

This weekend was filled with neat things, large and small. First, we heard about our house offer... but chances are, if you're reading this you already know all about that! We're all very excited to be buying a house, and I'm particularly excited about picking all the tile, cabinets, appliances, paint, etc. Fun stuff!

We also went to Walmart, where soon-to-be six year old Paxton picked his present: a spiffy new bike. He rode it off and on all afternoon. Last night, we tried out our anniversary present from Sandi and Mich.. an icecream maker ball. The icecream was delicious, but even more importantly, the boys had a blast rolling the ball around to make it.

And today, I made the lipbalm that I've been wanting to make for months. Paxton helped me fill the tins, Spencer helped cap them, and Everett helped by keeping Daddy busy. He reached a finger into the colorant I was using - bright red, no less - and proceeded to spread it all over his body. When they say a little bit goes a long way, they're not kidding.

I've uploaded some new pictures to Photobucket under August http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b48/thriceblessed/ and just in case you didn't notice, I have a fancy new blog template too, courtesy of Erunginung. :-)


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