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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What we're learning from Spongebob

Spencer has been watching tv with the captions on. I'm not really sure why (and have never gotten more of an answer than "because I like to") but if the tv is on, it's a pretty safe bet that the captions are on too. They read along, they laugh when there are mistakes, and they ask me questions about what they're seeing. I realized today that not only do the captions say WHAT people are saying, but also how it is being said. Spongebob said something "fondly", Patrick sounded "trance-like," someone else was "snide." We talked about what all those things meant and how the way you say something can change its meaning.

Learning is everywhere.

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Mikki said...

What a great post this is! I sometimes like to read the captions too but never looked at it in that light!




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