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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A boy and his guitar

My parents were cleaning out their attic, in preparation of selling their home. One of their finds? My old guitar, a prized possession when I was in elementary school.

Spencer has been wanting to learn to play the guitar. My parents have been wanting to get rid of their old stuff. It was a perfect match. I nearly started crying when I saw how excited he was when the UPS driver pulled up.

He has barely set it down, picking out notes, strumming and humming and singing away. It needs a new string, but is in otherwise great condition for its age. Spencer is taking great care of it, carefully putting it in and out of the case every time he wants to use it. I'm so excited for him to learn how to play it, both because I just really enjoy the sound of a guitar, and because I know it'll give him a great sense of accomplishment to master it.

My baby's growing up.

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Mikki said...

That's wonderful that he's learning at an early age! My brother plays the guitar (and the drums) and he started at about Spencers age. GO SPENC GO! LOL


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