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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Home inspections, big backyards, and pen pals

This has been an exciting week! Monday was the home inspection at the new house. We were there for over 2 hours - the inspector was there for over 3 - and the boys were very patient throughout the whole thing. Everett and Paxton goofed around in the backyard, and rolled around on the carpet. Spencer was very interested in what the inspector had to say, and listened intently while he brought us around the house to show us his findings. With Spencer's memory, I'm sure that he knows just as much about the needed repairs as we do.

Along with the inspection, we took notes, made measurements, and starting planning our renovations. The boys decided where the swingset would go. We fantasized about grilling on the huge back patio.

With the inspection, appraisal, and financing all in place, now we wait... Wait, pack, and go back to life as we know it until it's time to close. We had a playdate yesterday at the splash park, and the boys just exhausted themselves playing in the water and the sand. This weekend we're heading to a barbeque at some friends' house. Paxton is good friends (and email penpals) with their son, and it's really sweet to see the relationship growing. Spencer has two penpals now too, through good old-fashioned snail mail, and it makes checking the mail every day even more exciting .


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