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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fall is coming

It has been a quick summer - a good summer - but we're looking forward to cooler days again. The boys' homeschool group is getting geared up, and they'll be having a "Not back to school party" in a few weeks, as well as lots of field trips. There were some field trips throughout the summer too, but we were too busy hibernating, watching tv, and playing to go to most of them. :)

Some of my favorite summer pics (and a few other random ones just because):

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Mikki said...

What a great slide show! I LOVE the pics of the "blue" boys in the tub! LOL Niiiiiiiice! haha

Deanna said...

I had to laugh at one where Spencers arm is really really tan on the bottom and ghost white on top! Too cute! I love the new format! I am going to have to bug you to learn new tricks! I am such a dufas when it comes to this stuff! Teach me!!!! :-) Miss you guys! Kisses to the boys! And tell Paxton we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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