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Friday, August 25, 2006

Party time

Well thanks to Ally, Paxton's party had a rough start.... Wednesday I made the cake, only to have her snatch and eat it off the counter while it was cooling. Yesterday I made another, in between dealing with the blood and the vet and chaos that ensued when she sliced her tongue by licking a can.

By afternoon though things had settled down. The party went VERY well, and I think all the kids had a great time. Paxton was nervous at first - so nervous he didn't even eat any of his cool cake - but he warmed up in short order. He had a blast playing all the games, and cashing in all his tickets. He loved playing with his friends, and he got some really neat gifts. Spencer used his tokens sparingly, and was the only one who still had some left at the end of the night. He spent most of the party hanging out with his friends, and playing racing games. Everett loved all the little car rides, and fed his tokens to every one he found. We stayed for over 3 hours, and were happily stumbling out to the car when Everett got whacked in the head with the door. I went back in for some ice, and he fell asleep on the way home... holding the ice to his head.

Today we hunted for bugs with Paxton's new bug kit, played with his new army guys, and ate ourselves silly on leftover cake and candy. It's a happy happy Friday.

A few of my favorite pics :)

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