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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Homemade pizza, and my son, the calculator

Spencer was in the mood to cook yesterday, so we made a trip to the grocery store and got some pizza fixings, some cookie ingredients, and the making of a graham cracker and fruit snack they saw on Zoom. We all made our own individual pizzas for lunch, even Everett. It's always fun to make pizzas, and they were GOOD, really good. We made the graham cracker snacks last night, and the cookies today.

Tonight we were sitting around the table talking about fixing up houses, and going over the potential budget for one particular house. We'd come up with $18,000, and Paxton - who's still not quite six - said, without missing a beat, "If it's $800 to fix the air conditioner that will only leave $17,200." He did not get his head for math from his mother, of this I am sure. But it's a skill he enjoys, and takes great pride in. I thoroughly love hearing what calculation he's going to come up with next.


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