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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May days

It's been another quick month, a crazy month, and ultimately (and somewhat surprisely) a GOOD month! Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. We spent that Saturday at the Phoenix Science Center, where we walked through Bodyworlds, and spent a long time playing with the other hands-on exhibits. The following day, the boys gave me the seventh season of Friends for my Mother's Day gift, Mike surprised me with a white oleander for the front yard, they took me out for breakfast at Five and Diner, and we capped off the day with a trip to Sports Authority, where we got the eliptical machine I've been wanting for months.

After weeks of trying not to stress about it, I had my wisdom teeth extracted on the 17th. It went as well as could be expected, and Mike and the boys took exquisitely good care of me... especially those first few days when I was in bed, on painkillers. The following week, while I was still recovering from both the pain in my teeth and being sick to my stomach from the medications, Spencer had his tooth extracted as well. He did AMAZING with it, and had bounced back to his normal Spencer self within a few hours of returning home. Later that week, Mom and Dad officially arrived from New Hampshire, ready to call Arizona home. The boys were estatic to see them, and wasted no time in catching up.

This past weekend was Everett's third birthday party. It was a fun and low-key day, spent mostly hanging out, visiting, and watching the kids amuse themselves by shooting their water guns and running underneath the misters.

Yesterday we spent the last day of the long weekend up at Mom and Dad's new house, enjoying the nice afternoon, playing board games, sitting on the back patio, watching the boys digging in the dirt, and laughing. There was lots of laughing. Life is good.

Highlights of Everett's party:

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The Seirup Family said...

Happy Birthday to Everett! It looks like he had so much fun at his birthday party...and I'm so glad that everything is going great for you guys!!!


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