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Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh Yes Oh Yes it's Springtime!!

These pictures are from the Phoenix Nascar race, the last fun thing we did before the crummy second half of April started. We went with our neighbors, hung out with Kevin Harvick's family and friends, and otherwise just enjoyed the atmosphere and watching the cars go around and around.

The sun is starting to shine a little brighter now, and we're starting to make plans and look forward to summer. We just got a family membership to the Arizona Science Center, and I'm really excited to take the boys there soon. We got tickets to see the Body Worlds exhibit, something I've wanted to see since I first heard about it several years ago.

The boys and I signed up for a kids' summer movie program at the local Harkins theatre, where we'll be going once a week for 10 weeks, to watch a different movie. Cool! Spencer and Paxton have signed up for Cub Scouts again too, and will be starting activities over the summer. They are both looking forward to it, but particularly Paxton, who wasn't quite old enough to be an official member when we lived in NH. Finally, the kids decided that they really want to get the new Nintendo Wii. We told them that if they earned the money for half of it, we'd pay for the other half. So they're happily doing odd jobs around the house, and counting down the days until they can buy it.

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The Seirup Family said...

How fun that you got to take the boys to Nascar! We'd love to take Ethan when it comes to Vegas next year. I love all of your blog updates - keep them coming!


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