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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Projects and telling time

Spencer needed a project. It wasn't a specific project at first, it just had to be a project, and he wanted it to involve screws. I suggested he and Mike build me a new DVD case since I'd outgrown my current one. He was very excited about that, but it required more planning, materials and tools than we could acquire in one weekend. Then he decided it could be a little project, so we looked at Walmart, and he was very happy to find a model truck that was put together with... screws! Here he is working on it, and the finished product:

Since we were going to Walmart, Paxton decided to bring some money because he's been wanting to buy a watch. They didn't have a huge selection of kids' watches, but he did find one that caught his eye. It was black, and covered in flames. He's been big into flames lately. It was a regular watch though, not a digital one like he'd planned. He worried out loud that he didn't know how to tell time yet, and I assured him that it was something he could learn easily if that was the watch he wanted. He decided to get it, and we headed home. We piled into the car and pulled out of the parking lot... only to return to return 30 seconds later to retrieve the brand-new watch from the floor beside the ice machine, where he'd set it down to put his change into his wallet. With the watch finally safely in hand once again, I explained what was on the face and what it all meant. By the time we got home - maybe an 8 minute drive - he had time-telling down cold, and gave us frequent updates the rest of the night.


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