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Monday, August 25, 2008

"The best birthday party EVER"

That's how Paxton described his 8th birthday party this weekend. We had it at an indoor/outdoor amusement place that we'd never been to before - so it wasn't without its moments of confusion - but overall it was a raging success. The kids (and the parents too, the best that I could tell) all had a great time. The party started at 4:00, and we were closing in on 9:30 when we walked with our last guests out to our cars. We were all exhausted the next morning, and Paxton complained that his legs were still sore from all the walking around. A small, small price to pay.


Erika Seirup said...

What fun! I love mini-golf places. And that Coldstone cake...YUMMY!!! Happy Birthday Paxton!!

Sarah said...

Looks like Pak had a GREAT b-day!!! He's getting so big! He looks so much older to me in some of those photos - awe!

yaya said...

Love the birthday pics!
Wish we were there :(


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