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Friday, August 01, 2008

Baseball and other summer adventures

Once again, time has gotten away from me, and I know that the blogs that have written themselves in my head will never make their way to the computer. But I would be remiss not to at least briefly mention our first-ever family trip to a Diamondbacks game. I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to it. It sounded like a long and tiring day, and I wasn't sure I'd even enjoy watching the game itself. It had been over twenty years since I'd been to one (20 years, could that be possible?) and my only real memories were that of the food and the company, not the game. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found it not only tolerable, but truly, and completely, fun. I actually loved it, which caught me off guard. Despite having lived in New England for over 30 years, I never was, nor I am now, a Red Sox fan. There, I finally said that out loud. But the Diamondbacks, the team that got me to enjoy baseball as an adult, and the team that allowed me to share that enjoyment with my kids, will now forever have my loyalty. The fact that they lost the game in a major upset in the 9th inning? But a minor detail. The whole day was easy and smooth, from parking to finding our seats to getting food. The boys filled up on corn dogs, cotton candy, and soda while they watched the action. Everett's favorite part was joining in on all the chants and cheers. Spencer chatted up the boy sitting next to him, and Paxton stayed pretty transixed on the field the entire game. And Tegan? She stole little catnaps in between staring at the noisy people around her, eating, and sucking on her binky. When the game was over, we stood in the long line so the kids could run the bases. Paxton turned it into a competition and ran at full tilt. Spencer took a leisurely jog, with one hand in his pocket. And Everett ran as fast as he could manage in new flip flops while holding up the back of his too-big shorts. My kids make me smile.

The ballgame was on a Sunday, but our Saturdays for the month of July have been devoted to the Free Sizzlin Summer Saturdays at the Heard Museum (a local Native American history museum) We saw dancing, weaving, and sculpting demonstrations, and the kids did a ton of crafts. It was a lot of fun. Just a few pictures from our last visit...

And sometimes, the bugs you find in the parking lot are the best part of any trip

When we weren't at baseball games or museums ... or movies or swim lessons ... the boys were in Vacation Bible School - twice! The first was a week long program all packed into one crazy fun weekend, and the second went over the course of 4 days. They had a great time, and are still singing the songs they learned.

A busy summer indeed. :)


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