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Thursday, July 24, 2008

How we celebrated Learn Nothing Day...

Today was the first annual Learn Nothing Day The boys thought it was funny, and were looking forward to playing with the idea and seeing if they actually *could* learn nothing, even for a minute.

We were up for approximately 23 minutes before they asked me where New Zealand was. We'd chatted with someone from New Zealand on the new unschooling network last night, and they were fascinated that she was about to prepare breakfast just as we were beginning to think of dinner. Out came the globe, the answer to their questions, and yes... learning.

Not ones to do anything half-way, (if you're going to do something wrong, do it right. Right?) we didn't limit our learning to New Zealand. We headed to our last summer movie, Nancy Drew. I wore my hat from 2006's Live and Learn conference to celebrate our glorious "failure" at learning nothing.

The movie was fun, and opened an invariable floodgate of questions, and I'm afraid even more learning. Just a few of the things we talked about on the way home:

CPR - what does it mean and what does it stand for
What an emergency trachiotomy is
Why it's important to have a will
Why there's always "bad guys" in movies
How detectives do their jobs
The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book

When we got home, Spencer and both headed to the computer... him to look up Emma Roberts and see what else she's been in; and me to look up the Nancy Drew books and see how many are in the series (the 175th was published in 2003)

We're rebels.


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Annie's Antics :-) said...

Well it sounds like you gave it your best effort, CJ! ;-) LOL! Love your blog - can't wait to see the new one!!


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