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Friday, April 08, 2011

Projects, my mom, and homemade pasta

The older I get, the more traits I realize I share with my mother. 

My mom and I both are big fans of trying new projects. And we're not little toe-dippers either. We get an idea, we get all excited, and the next thing we know we have closets full of... stuff... for jewelry making, wine making, lip balm making, scrap book scrapping, hair clip crafting, gold panning (although in my defense, the gold panning supplies were my husband's idea)

I have a tendency to get a little too, well,  enthusiastic when I am struck with inspiration. You know how when you try a crazy or difficult new recipe, a sensible person would think, "This might not turn out right. We might not like this. I'll just make a small batch?" Well my brain immediately tends to go to, "Pssssh, it's a waste of time to make such a tiny amount. I'll triple it."

And it's a vicious circle too, because every time my mom does something new, which is often, I can't help but think, "Wow, that's cool. I should try that." And I often do. Recently she's been making these beautiful pieces of wire jewelry, and has been etching glass for a year or two now.

Isn't this beautiful?
I can't apologize for my penchant for jumping headlong into new projects. Even if it sometimes means closets - and garages - full of abandoned supplies. Even if it sometimes means three giant batches of something that was supposed to be edible, but was in fact not edible, in the trash. Even if it sometimes frustrates my husband.

I really believe that it's important to try new things, to keep learning, and to stay engaged (or get acquainted) with your creative side. I also think that it works out strongly in my favor that I share this belief with my mother. Because when she's done with something, I get her hand-me-downs.

Yesterday, inspired by my big, huge list, I decided to pull out the pasta maker she gave me a few months ago (from where it had been sitting, untouched, in the garage.) While I was hunting for it, I came across the sewing machine, also from my mother and also untouched, that I was so excited to get... um, about 8 years ago.

Note to self: Sew something soon.

But first, PASTA!

The box had everything but the instruction manual, so first we had to Google. Then I carefully washed all the pieces, got it assembled, and put on Everett's chosen shape. Two cups of flour, a couple tablespoons of olive oil, a little water, and one (homegrown) egg later, and we were in business.

There was one brief moment of panic when the motor completely shut off just as it started to extrude the noodles, but it was nothing a little troubleshooting and readjusting couldn't fix.

And about an hour from the time I first got the machine out of the garage, we enjoyed our very first, very delicious, homemade pasta.

On a sad, and ironic, post note: After we all agreed that our future was going to hold lots of homemade pasta making, a critical inside piece of the machine (already stressed and weathered just from age) completely snapped and broke when it was being washed.

They don't make the machine anymore. And they don't sell replacement parts. :(

Oh well. I'm glad we got to use it, even once. Now I get to research buying a different kind, which is half the fun of a new project anyway.

And I really am going to sew something. Soon.


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