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Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy busy busy

In my experience, there are at least two kinds of busy weeks.... 1. the kind that you spend running around in circles, only to get to the end of the week exhausted, but with no idea what you'd accomplished, and 2. the kind spent doing lots of cool, interesting, satisfying things, and feeling a sense of elation along with the exhaustion. While we've certainly had our share of the first kind, this week was the latter.

Spencer and Paxton logged many hours bike riding and on the computer, respectively.

We bought a coconut because Spencer wanted to try coconut milk. We cracked it open, tasted the milk, and threw most of it away.

We went to dinner at Denny's, spent a long time, savored our desserts.

The boys found a native american book and craft kit. We read the book, and made the craft together: A handmade dream-catcher that they hung in their room.

Mike and I met with a realtor, while the boys enjoyed a water fight with their friends next door.

We made peanut butter cookies, despite the 95 degree heat.

And today, we went to Walmart, both to pick up a few necessities, and so they boys could spend their Playstation profits. They took a long time, and carefully weighed all their options. Spencer ended up choosing a remote control truck, another John Deere tractor, and a Dale Jr lego set. Paxton browsed through the cars with Spencer, but I knew he wouldn't make his selection from those aisles. His came from another part of the store: electronics. After much deliberation he picked two PS2 games... Madagascar - because he loves his computer version so much - and Tokyo Extreme Racing. It was fun for me... both to watch them spend it, and to share in their excitement at their new toys. On the way out, there was a woman with a little table set up, collecting money for the needy. She asked if I could donate a dollar as we zipped passed, and I told her I was sorry but didn't have it (at the time I didn't think I did). That wasn't the example I wanted to set for my kids. I took a breath and stopped. I remembered I had some change, and let the boys help me count it up. We went back to her bucket and put the money in, stopping to chat for a couple of minutes. She told me I'd be blessed for my donation... but I already am.


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