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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And the demo begins!

In my state of post-conference euphoria, I neglected to mention some big happenings! We closed on our house last Monday, and it was very different than it was in NH. In NH, it was a big deal.. a table full of buyers and sellers and agents and title people. We signed papers, exchanged keys, shook hands & extended good wishes. Here it was just us, alone in a room with a "Document Signing Specialist" (a position I didn't know existed) All three boys came along. Paxton layed on the floor and read a science experiment book he'd brought with him. Spencer poured through the conference directory, looking up all his new friends; and Everett alternately drew and played with trucks. It was very strange, and kind of anti-climactic.

On Saturday, everything was ready for us to take possession. We met our realtor at the house first thing in the morning. He gave us the keys, examined the property with us, and chatted about our ideas for the place. Spencer was dying to get started on some demolition, and apparently so was Mike. The instant the realtor left they took down some cabinets. Spencer was still raring to go once that was finished, so we got him started ripping up the carpet in two of the bedrooms. He went straight to work, and we barely saw him for most of the day. They completed an outdoor project together too, digging dirt away from the foundation (there was a small termite problem) It made my heart happy to see Spencer working so hard. He truly is in his element when he has a hands-on project to tackle. Flipping houses is right up his ally!

Sandi and the kids joined us at the house in the afternoon, and we had lunch, played, and just enjoyed the gorgeous day. We stopped at Home Dept on the way home to put a deposit on our kitchen countertops, one of the last big projects we'd yet to schedule. It was a feel-good day of the highest order.

Random kid news:

Spencer taught me about the different kinds of symmetry last night while I was getting ready for bed. Paxton continues his immense interest in the computer, and they are both looking forward to a "Not Back To School" Party this week, a field trip to an air museum, and Halloween.


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