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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cleaning the Earth

Our very favorite thing to do as a family is to go out into the desert... driving, hiking, geocaching, exploring. Even just breathing in the air and drinking in the scenery. There is something so rejuvenating about it, something that makes the soul sigh and the heart smile. We love the desert.

Yesterday found us joining several hundred other like-minded valley residents for the third annual clean-up of Four Peaks.

We filled trash bag after trash bag,

trailer after trailer.

We picked up, loaded, drove, and deposited.

We stayed for hot dogs, and we stayed for the raffle drawing. Spencer won two off-roading DVDs (a more perfect prize for him could not have been), work gloves, and a Tread Lightly t-shirt.

And Everett won a Tread Lightly sweatshirt, conveniently sized big enough to fit his mother. He was thrilled to get it, as the sun was covered in clouds by that time, and he'd started to complain of getting chilly.

At the risk of repeating a long-held cliche, there truly is nothing quite like the sense of purpose and camaraderie you feel when you're out in the earth, working with your hands, giving your time, and coming together for a common good. That there's what life's about.

Lest the day be too perfect though, there was just one minor "oops" with the trailer

...giving us a perfectly matched set.

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Erika Seirup said...

Love it! Absolutely love it.


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