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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Party and a Princess

I'm not a party kind of girl. I don't enjoy planning parties, I'm not a natural hostess, I don't send invitations, and I don't like being in big groups of people. I'm the weird one who doesn't look forward to baby showers, and dreads going to weddings. In fact, I find that just the thought of a party is way more stressful than it is exciting. Even if I've had a good time - which I honestly usually do - I come home drained, not energized.


one of my most favorite things is experiencing anything that involves my children's happiness. And birthday parties in their honor make them EXTREMELY happy.

I do have to admit, Cracker Jax is a pretty cool place for kids to have a party. It was raining on Saturday so they weren't able to ride the go-carts or bumper boats (though it cleared up long enough to play mini-golf) - and he had some friends unable to make it at the last minute - but overall it was a great party, and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Spencer declared it one of his best birthday weekends ever, which makes it more than worthwhile.

And finally, today is Tegan's 2nd birthday. Everyone who knows me, or has read my blog for any length of time, knows Tegan's story. I've told it again and again, how we'd thought our family would be complete with the three boys, but that God placed it on my heart - STRONGLY, I might add - that there was still someone missing. And so we had one more... not to "try for a girl", but to have and meet and love whoever this missing family member turned out to be.

I feel a lot of things when I look at my little girl, as I do when I look at all my children, but far and away the strongest thing I feel is gratitude. I feel so incredibly thankful for her and what she's brought to our family. I truly couldn't imagine life without her.

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Erika Seirup said...

I never saw this blog post. I loved it!! Every single word of it.

The pictures looking back on Tegan's babyhood are priceless. What wonderful memories for the boys to look back on and what a special friendship she has to have three older brothers taking care of her.

Thanks for sharing, Jen!


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