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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Teens and Toddlers

We have two big birthdays coming up in a couple of weeks. On February 19th, Spencer will become on a teenager. Three days later, Tegan turns two.

I think it's interesting that we're reaching both these milestones within just a couple days of each other, as both ages live in infamy for their own particular set of negative stereotypes... the sullen, aloof, eye-rolling teenager; and the opinionated, tantrum-throwing "terrible twos." What a sad and demeaning way to view such cool ages!

I am enjoying spending time with Spencer as much as I ever have, possibly more than I ever have. While still loving his trucks, legos, and Nerf guns, his interests are also taking a decidedly more "grownup" turn. He's fascinated with medicine, with forensics, with science fiction. We watch doctor and detective shows together; we've had lengthy discussions about Haiti, the economy, and different religions. He's constantly learning about new cooking techniques, and is absorbing information from my nutrition classes right at my side. He is sweet, he's affectionate, and he never lets a day go by without telling me he loves me.

And Tegan: I can only wish for a fraction of her joy, her innocence, and her boundless energy. The world is so big and exciting to a two year old, and everything from from a pile of sand to a flower to a shiny - or not-so-shiny - rock is something to celebrate. Tegan reminds me that the world is beautiful. She loves to sing, dance, jump, and pretend. She is extremely verbal, and carries on the most incredibly intricate conversations from her unique two-year-old perspective. She is funny, and gets me laughing to the point of tears, and often. And CUTE??!! They simply don't come much cuter.

They're not perfect. Their brothers aren't perfect. And guess what,

their parents aren't perfect either.

But the way I see it, I can either shake my head and moan and complain about the inevitable difficult days, or I can celebrate their wonderfully complicated personalities, hearts, minds, and souls.... at every age.

I choose the celebrating.

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Erika Seirup said...

Great blog Jen. You are the most inspirational mother I know.


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