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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Letting Go

I've decided, again, that I need to do some letting go. Not of the past, or of the stress of the toxic and negative people in my life (though of course, those are worthwhile pursuits of their own) but of the little things, and of the pressure I put on MYSELF.

Like lots of people, I have a to-do list that doesn't end. While I love the feeling of crossing things off my lists, I do not like the feeling that at times life has actually become nothing more than a giant to-do list. Housekeeping lists, lists of assignments for my classes, lists of playdates and practices and appointments for the kids, lists of projects I want to do, stuff to research, things I want to blog about, emails to answer, bills to pay.... surely something is off-balance there! Life is to be enjoyed and savored, not just broken down into a series of tasks to check off a list.

One week ago today, we took Tegan to the zoo to celebrate her birthday. It's been on my list of things to blog about, because she had such a great time, and I got some really cool pictures. But I haven't had time to do it, and it still remains on my to-do list... and it's stressing me out. Which is CRAZY, because I love to blog, and something's way wrong if I allow it to become a source of stress. Life is filled with enough things that we have to do, without adding silly self-imposed deadlines to the list. So, there will be no blog about the zoo. We went, we enjoyed, I took some pictures. ;-)

There, I'm crossing it off my list. And life will go on.

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Erika Seirup said...

I can understand that. While I do enjoy your blogs, especially about the things you guys do as a family...it's like a glimpse into the lives of the McGrails, especially since we live so far away. It's a way to feel connected with you guys. However, you are totally right, if it is stressful it isn't worth it! We can keep up with your pictures on Facebook :)


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