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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Story of Ice Cream

I think it's important to know where your food comes from. This blog is to tell you where our food came from, specifically the ice cream we had two nights ago.

A few weeks ago, Everett asked me for ideas to work on his letters and reading. He likes books and websites, but he wanted to try something new; something that would be different every day. So we started writing letters on our chalkboard wall, and on our french doors with window markers. When the boys and I think of words that start with that letter, we write them on, and/or draw pictures. We think of things to bake that start with that letter, and think of games to play with that letter. Everett has loved this, and it's been a fun little project.

This week, the letter on the wall was "I". He'd been asking to make homemade icecream, so we surprised him and picked up some cream.

We got it started right after dinner. The beauty of homemade icecream is that it is just a few ingredients, and is so much better than anything you can get at a store!

We got it all mixed up and commenced the rolling in the family room. You do it in 15 minutes increments.... 15 minutes of rolling, open and scrape (and taste!), 15 more minutes of rolling.

We decided we needed some music after the first 15 minutes, so we cranked up a playlist (Bon Jovi, thank you very much), and the kids immediately turned ice-creaming making into a regular break-dancing, hip shaking, jam party.

Tegan grabbed a microphone.

We laughed. A lot.

And the final product was delicious.

And for good measure, the kids made these this week too:

The idea came from a book from Yaya, and the finished product came from the same place as the icecream: the hearts and creativity of some pretty cool kids, this time during a play date with new friends.


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