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Monday, February 14, 2011

Alice's Handmade Crafts Giveaway

For my first giveaway, I have an adorable offering from my friend - and fellow unschooler - Alice, who runs Alice's Handmade Crafts.

My business started mostly as an excuse to make things for little girls. I have 3 boys, and it wasn't long before I ran out of nieces and friends with girls to give away tutus and crocheted flower hats to. So I started an etsy shop almost a year ago, and really love having it. I've always felt a need to create things, and this is the perfect outlet for me. My biggest seller is definitely the hat with flowers on top, with tutus as a close second. My newest item is the flower accessory and I'm hoping they'll be popular as well. But my favorite projects, and the ones I'm most proud of, are my embroidered products. They are my most intricate items, and the ones I feel like I can really put myself into through design and color. They are also the only things I make specifically for adults, which may be part of the reason I love to make them. You may notice there's nothing of that description for sale in my shop right now...because they are also the most time-consuming! Between unschooling my 3 boys (6, 4, and 1) and expecting twin girls this spring, there's not a lot of free time around here. But I do take custom orders for all of my products, including embroidery, so be sure to check out my "Sold Items" section to get an idea of what I've embroidered in the past. Become a fan of my Facebook page; my shop's one year anniversary is next month and I'll be putting a coupon code on my Facebook page to celebrate!

Today's giveaway item is one of Alice's new, hand-crocheted flowers, in ivory. It's value is $8, and it is perfect for tying on a baby girl's head for a newborn photoshoot, tying around a ponytail on an older child, tying on a wrist like a bracelet, decorating a purse or a package... anything you'd like to decorate!

Want to win it?  Just comment on this post... any old comment will do.  (If you've come from Facebook, make sure you comment here, not on Facebook)  If you'd like to enter twice, just post the link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then come back and comment again to tell me you've done it.  :)   I'll keep this open for one week, and announce the winner (chosen randomly) on Monday, February 21.

Check out Alice's Etsy Store to see some of her other popular items, like her best-selling hats:


and custom embroidery:

Thank you to Alice and Alice's Handmade Crafts.  And good luck!


Roddick Family said...

YEAH! I also put this on my Facebook page! Adorable items!

C&A said...

Cute girlie items!

RunningMom said...

Annabelle loves her violet tutu from the Power family! :)

RunningMom said...

I shared the info on my FB page! ;)

Meg said...

Gorgeous items!!!!

Rebecca said...

Twin girls, how exciting! So happy for you and your family. I'm sure cousin Maggie is over the moon with excitement.

Nichole said...

Her stuff is amazing, especially the tutus!

BjMyAngel said...

What a fun giveaway!

BjMyAngel said...

Posted link on my FB wall :)

Claudia said...

I have 2 little girls who would love this!


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