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Sunday, February 06, 2011

More Than the Super Bowl

Superbowl 2011
Today was the Superbowl, which meant we bought a bunch of food we only have on our special "carpet picnic" occasions, we put a sheet on the floor, and we all gathered in the TV room to watch a bunch of yellow-pantsed people play football.

There was a penalty for "excessive celebrating". There was a half-time show.  Someone won. 

But tonight I'm really not thinking about the Superbowl.  Tonight, especially as I look at the above picture of four healthy children, I am thinking about Hunter Jones, Kate McRae, and Hannah Jenner.

Hunter Jones is a little boy the same age as my Everett, who is battling leukemia.  His sister donated bone marrow, and he had a transplant in November of 2010.  I don't know Hunter, but his mom is a fellow unschooling mom, and I think she's pretty awesome.   Hunter is on my mind often, especially since he's a Lego lover like my boys (and there is always a Lego in my line of sight).  How can you help?  You can pray.  You can like his Facebook page, you can offer his family support on their blog, and you can help support their family business by buying some of their raw, vegan Ridiculous Chocolate.

Kate McRae is local girl here in the valley, who is battling brain cancer.  Her parents have recently received some very discouraging news, and are still continuing to show myself and countless others what it means to truly have faith in even the most difficult circumstances.  Kate is never far from my thoughts either.  You can follow Kate's progress at her CaringBridge site, and more specifically, tomorrow you can join others in a day of fasting and prayer for her healing.  You can visit her father's blog to read his request.

Hannah Jenner was an always unschooled 9 year old who passed away from leukemia 5 years ago this month.   I first heard Hannah's story when her mother spoke at the Live and Learn conference we went to in September, 2006.  Even now, five years later, I often think about lessons she's taught me... lessons about treating my children with kindness, about not taking them for granted, about enjoying the moments we're together.  All the moments.  It was from the Jenners that I heard about celebrating half birthdays, something that we now do every year, for all of us.  And I think about Hannah every time.  This month, I'm thinking about her even more, especially these words from her obituary:

In lieu of flowers, the family requests outpourings of love and tender regard to every child, and gratitude on the part of parents of living children ...everywhere.
Tonight as I pray for these children, I also want to say thank you to all of the above families, for so openly and bravely sharing your stories, and your children, with all of us.  


Jessica said...

Ugh, tears in my coffee! On a Super Bowl post! :)

jen said...

I wasn't even intending to write that, at all. I just sat down to write, and that's what was on mind.


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