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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

One of the questions - which isn't really a question, but a request - that unschoolers get alot is "Describe a typical day."

I think a "typical" day is a really subjective thing, and depends on a whole bunch of factors.  But my favorite days, which are just as typical as any other - are the days when I can go to bed thinking, "Dang, we learned/talked about/did/saw some cool things today."

Here's a little sample of what we learned and talked about today:

What the expressions "Another country heard from," "Opening a can of worms", and "The early bird catches the worm" mean

The role that yeast plays in baking

The fact that if you pour orange juice into milk, that you can't "turn into back into milk" no matter how much you want to.

What the word "sous" means

When the first dishwasher was invented, and when it became commonplace for the average American to have one.

The difference between a debit card and a credit card

What elephant pee smells like (it does not, as Zoey 101 would have you believe, smell like licorice)

Ways to preserve a laptop battery

How to fill out a check

And finally, when the 3 year old says, "I just love baking powder SO MUCH!" it means she's eating powdered sugar, straight from the bag, and that there will more than likely be a mess involved.

I can't wait for our next typical day.

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Jessica said...

Ha, at that last bit. :)


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