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Friday, July 22, 2011

Day Twenty: Final Days

Our last real “vacation” day before we start the 20 hour marathon drive home. This morning we made one last visit, this time to the home of my good friend Mandy (of Ridiculous Chocolate :). Mandy is also a fellow Christian unschooler, and just an all-around really cool person. Spending the morning with her, her husband, and her sweet kids was the perfect way to wrap up our trip.

We followed our visit with another long day on the road, not unlike all the days before it. We had trouble finding a place to eat dinner, and finally got off at an exit with both a TGI Fridays and a Chilis. It was 8:00, and the wait for both was lengthy, so we reluctantly went to a nearby Denny's. As it turned out, we could have been in and out of either of the other restaurants by the time we were done at Denny's. We waited over 45 minutes for our food, and when a waitress (and the rest of the diners in the restaurant) heard Tegan suddenly and loudly blurt out, “I. Want. My. Food. NOW!” followed by an exaggerated and admittedly kind of adorable pout, she brought her a little dish of Goldfish and took $15 off our bill.

Disclaimer: After we stopped laughing, Mike did explain that it's nice not to yell when we're in restaurants. But come on. It was 9:00 at night, she'd been in the car for 9 hours, and she'd already waited close to an hour for her food. She was only verbalizing what all of us were thinking.

We left the restaurant two hours after we'd arrived, then found a quick geocache in the dark.

Tomorrow is our last day of driving. A big part of me could just do this forever.... traveling, seeing the country, visiting friends, spending the whole day with my husband and kids? Heaven. But we're ready to go home too, and I don't think I'll ever be as thankful to see my own bed.

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