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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parenting Wild Things: Surviving the Rumpus

A few things you need to know about my friend Jessica of Bohemian Bowmans:

1. She is real. She writes with absolutely no pretense. Her words are always a refreshingly honest portrayal of the messy, the noisy, the joyful ups and downs that come with parenting four children. Her writing style is casual, friendly, and never leaves a doubt that what you are reading is 100% authentic.

2. She is funny. I have trouble relating to people who aren't at least a little bit funny. Jessica made me laugh from day one, and has a healthy appreciation for sarcasm. I knew we'd get along after that first night that I discovered her blog (and could not stop reading)

3. She is me, ten years ago. We're not the exact same mothers (because no two people ever are) but we both embarked on the same parenting and unschooling journey, armed with the same goal: to keep our wits about us as we strive for a closer, more peaceful, more harmonious relationship with our kids. She's at the same place I was when I was her age, which is exactly what makes her writings so refreshing and relatable - especially to new and/or younger parents. She's not just writing about it.... she's living it.

In her new ebook (which I read in its entirety instead of cleaning the kitchen :)), Parenting Wild Things, she combines her raw, honest, and at times self-deprecating humor into a beautiful little tome based on her own journey to more mindful, gentle, and grace-filled parenting. It gives real and practical advice that anyone can start implementing right now... not in a preachy way, but in a girlfriends sitting around chatting over a cup of coffee way.

It's filled with powerful analogies ("children are aliens, not criminals"), personal experience, and nuggets of wisdom. She's even included cute Wild Thing photos for those of us who need pictures in our books. It's a must-read for any parent, particularly those who are wanting to move from a traditional, authoritarian mindset to one of partnership and mutual respect.

You can pick up your copy here (it's only $5!) and you can also go join the fun on Facebook.

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Leave a comment letting me know which of the above you have done. Winner will be drawn at random on Friday, July 29th.

Thanks to Jessica and all four of her Wild Things!

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