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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yup, I've got Boys

So, Jessica of Bohemian Bowmans told me I should check out the M.O.B. Society (Moms of Boys). Since I generally trust her judgment, I heeded her advice. They are having a blog hop, and since I've never blog hopped before, I thought I just might give it a whirl. So I went, I saw, and I hopped.

Welcome to those who are here from the MOB Society (and to everyone else who is here for the first time!)

I am a mom of boys, three of them in fact.

Me, almost 11 yr old, 7 yr old, and 14 yr old.  They're awesome.
For the first 11 years of my parenting journey, I was a mom to ALL boys. Lots of matchbox cars, legos, and testosterone in this house.  I loved having all boys!! I still love having boys, but I have since been blessed with a beautiful little girl as well:

She's awesome too.
I am a full-time unschooling mom.  Four kids, one husband, 6 chickens and one dog ... plus various other assorted creatures that make their way into our house.  It all keeps me pretty busy, but I've recently become re-acquainted with the concept of "me time."  I became certified in nutritional consulting earlier this year (and I continue to study natural health and fitness), but these days I've been spending all my extra energy on blogging and building my little online community.  I mostly blog about gentle parenting and unschooling, but topics may also include my kids, my adventures, my own quirky views on the world... and cupcakes.  I really like cupcakes.

Finally, to steal verbatim from my 'about' page:

I try really hard to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff, because I have a million and one little neuroses that make me perfectly imperfect.  I also have 4 things that bring me total, unadulterated joy.  My kids are my heart and my soul.

If you're just here for a visit, I hope you'll stick around!

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