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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy days

After spending too many days cooped up at home due to sickness, we woke up yesterday morning feeling better, feeling happy, and feeling ready to get back to life together. The boys started the day by watching Magic School Bus, then we all played Paxton's dinosaur dominoes for awhile. After that, the kids wanted to practice writing in cursive, so they played around with a cursive workbook, which quickly progressed into writing on the patio with chalk. Spencer doesn't always enjoy writing, but he finds cursive - and the fact that you rarely have to lift the pen from the paper - fascinating. They've both been writing a lot of letters lately, to both new and old friends.

Paxton had seen on tv that Chicken Little was just released on DVD, and Spencer wanted to get a brush for the dog, so we decided to spend the afternoon out. It was a welcome reprieve. We rented Paxton's movie, and the boys spent a long time browsing through the Playstation games while we there. From there we picked up a few groceries and snacks, as well as a new waffle maker - something Spencer and I have been wanting since we've moved here. We decided on the way to the pet store that we should get a new frog for the fish tank while we were there. We did get the frog, and a brush.. and another betta fish with his own little bowl. Fish are good pets.

We spent a good hour getting our new pets situated when we got home, then we snuggled up to watch Chicken Little. Mike had to work late, so after the movie we just heated up some microwave dinners, which the boys find very cool and exciting. When he got home at 8, we all all watched American Idol together and called it a day. Bedtime reading right now is a book about dinosaurs and how they tie in with the bible, and a book called The Whipping Boy, a story about two young boys in medieval times.

Good stuff.


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