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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Scorpions and Cows and Bug Guys oh MY

When we first starting seriously considering Arizona, one of the things that people kept saying to us was "Sure, there's no mosquitoes, but there's rattlesnakes and scorpions and black widows...." And we always replied "Yeah but you never see them. They're out in the desert, not in residential areas. "

A few nights ago we came home, and lo and behold, there was a scorpion IN OUR KITCHEN. Spencer thought this was very cool, and Paxton (who'd expressed some fear before we moved) was thankfully asleep in the truck. Mike carried him to bed after the scorpion had been scooped up and dealt with. It was a creepy-looking little thing, and I still haven't been able to shake the skin-crawling paranoia.

Tuesday we went on a field trip to see some bigger, and less scary, creatures. The boys and I went to a local dairy farm with the homeschool group, and we all had a great time. We took a tour of the farm, learned all about cows, and enjoyed a sample of their chocolate milk. The boys got to milk a cow, pet all the animals, and explore a maze made out of hay bales.

Yesterday, we were back to dealing with the little critters (I much prefer cows). Our bug guy, Mike came. He sprayed all around the house and yard, gave the boys lollipops, and patiently answered their questions. He found another scorpion in one of the glue traps, and he was kind enough to bring it inside to show me. He said the bug activity would be picking up since it was going to be getting warmer, and that we'd probably want him to come every 8 weeks. I'm thinking we'll have him come in 6.


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