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Monday, December 01, 2008

Deck the Halls

Last night I finished and hung the advent calendar that the boys and I have been working so hard on the past few days. We sewed all the pockets, brainstormed a list of ideas for fun activities for the month, and finally put it all together. Each day they'll take turns opening a pocket and reading the note, and hanging a little charm on it to count down the days till Christmas. They were very excited to start it today, and to officially enter the time of the advent. Today's project? Paper snowflakes. I took pictures - of course - and decided that I'd challenge myself, just for fun, to take daily pictures and post them all month long. I don't know who's looking forward to this month more, myself or the kids.

1 comment:

Erika Seirup said...

Ooooh ooooh!! I'm glad you'll be posting everyday. Hooray! And paper snowflakes? My favorite! How fun. Your advent calendar looks awesome! We made an advent wreath, I will have to take pictures too :0)


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