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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Heaven, and scared puppies

The boys and I have talked a lot about what dog heaven must be like for Ally. Ally's heaven, we decided, must be filled with FOOD. Not just dog food, or even people food, but all the things Ally deemed appropriate for eating.... including - but not limited to - cat food, cat litter, poop, crayons, playdough, and plastic bags. We have no doubt that she's a happy, happy dog now.

Today's picture, and note from the advent calendar, is of a place that's very much like my idea of heaven. Or at least a part of it. A place that's filled with BOOKS! More books than I could ever read in a lifetime. Fiction and non-fiction; books that teach, amuse, inspire, awe, entertain. I love the library!!!

It had been a while since we'd gone, and we made up for lost time with a gigantic stack of books and movies. We were all in great spirits on the way home, and were amusing ourselves trying to remember all the verses of the 12 Days of Christmas. Unfortunately, we came home to find a panicked and trembling dog, who'd managed to chew up the entire plastic tray of her crate, and bloodied her mouth in the process. She is petrified of being left alone, and so far we haven't found the proper way to deal with it. Left alone in the house she chews up the door jams and blinds. Gated in the kitchen she panics, jumps the gate, and again more chewing. My poor baby!! I'm sad and frustrated, and angry at the people who didn't give her the love she so very much deserved and wanted.

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Erika Seirup said...

Don't you love the library? Oh my gosh, that is our favorite place to go. So many books...I'm getting antsy to go again. And I had to laugh about the dog heaven bit - about the things that she's probably eating up there. She sounds like our puppy. Aspen is always eating chicken poop and worse; her *own* poop. Eeeww!! I wish I had advice about your dog - she seems to be fine when you are home, doesn't she? What about leaving her outside in a dog kennel? Just while you are gone, I mean.


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