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Sunday, May 01, 2011

New Cars and Bumper Stickers

We took a family drive down to Tucson today. I have to admit, I don't enjoy that particular drive. I love driving north, where I can sigh and breath and enjoy all the mountainous scenery, but driving south towards Tucson (which itself is a lovely city) is 2 hours of flat and brown.

But today we were on a mission.

Several weeks ago, Mike - who is very enamored with his Land Cruiser (the one that's in my banner picture) - announced that he wanted to get me one, too. That way we'd have two vehicles with four wheel drive. And plus, he assured me, I'd like it way better than my Sequoia. I hemmed and hawed, because that's what I do. He kept casually bringing up again, because that's what he does. There wasn't anything wrong with my Sequoia, but the thought of something new was tempting. In the end, I told him that as long as it didn't increase our debt load, we should do it (and decreasing it would be even better!)

This week, he found and sent me the link to this listing:

... and I said, "yes, please."  It met all our criteria, was exactly the right price, and was only two hours away.

So off to Tucson we went.  We ended up making almost a whole day of it, getting donuts on the way and lunch when we were done.  And wouldn't you know... he was right. I fell in love. It was as if fate had brought us there. After three hours (and one of the hands-down most pleasant and easy car-buying and trading experiences ever) I had myself a spiffy new - to me - Land Cruiser.

The only thing that made me sad about leaving the Sequoia behind was the fact that it meant that I had to part with my Autodidactic sticker, the only sticker I've ever put on my car. That sticker has sparked more home/unschooling related conversations with strangers than I can even count. And I loved it.

So I was thrilled when I got to have one last conversation when the salesman spotted it and asked what the word meant.

(Autodidactic = self taught.  It's one of my favorite words, and my boys are fond of proudly declaring themselves autodidacts)

The salesman loved it so much that I later caught him just staring at the sticker with a big grin on his face.  Seeing me notice him, he said, "I'm just enjoying my new word."  Hee.

I got a new truck, and I imparted wisdom.  That's just a good day all the way around.


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