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Monday, June 27, 2011


Paxton and the birthday boy   

This past weekend was my nephew, Isaac's 10th birthday party.   He chose to celebrate at a local water park (perfect for the 110 degree day)  To be honest, the anticipation was a little stressful, mainly because lots of water plus four kids - only one of which is a strong swimmer - equals lots of heightened anxieties for parents.  But it turned out to be a great day for all involved, as well as a day of conquering fears:

Spencer went down the huge slide.

Tegan went down the kids' slide without me... over and over and over and over and over.

Everett practiced swimming and floating and treading water independently.

And Paxton discovered the joys of jumping from the high dive.

When we got home, Tegan went to sleep in her own bed for the first time, and slept there for nine hours straight.  I of course was so weirded out by having a kid-less bed, I spent most of the night awake, watching old sitcoms and checking to make sure everyone was still breathing. 

My kids are growing up.

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