"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This picture is from last year, but it makes me happy, so I wanted to post it again. Today was a good day, and a fun day. The kids and I spent it at a friend's house, where they had a scavenger hunt, jumped on the trampoline, baked Irish-themed goodies, and even braved the pool. It really was a lovely day.


I'm still feeling regretful that I was less patient than I would have liked in dealing with the ten year old when he didn't want to get off the trampoline, and with the six year old when he burst into tears for the fourth time, and even with my husband when I got home. I've been distracted, and scattered, and unfocused for longer than I care to admit.  The house is nearly unlivable it's so messy, half the kids are coughing (or sneezing or runny-nosed or feverish, again), and I am tired... tired and unable to sleep, one of the most frustrating and continuous conundrums of my life. 

I was telling a friend recently that unschoolers sometimes paint too rosy of a picture.  That it's such a joyful life that everything just sort of flows.  That it's always happy and moonlight and roses and rainbows.  And make no mistake... it IS a joyful life.  It IS a happy life. 

But sometimes... sometimes, there are blips.   And because I always want to keep things real, I think it's only fair if I share a blip or two.

Welcome to my blip. 


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