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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Moving Day

The kids wanting to be moved in the trailer

This weekend, we moved Mom and Dad into their new house, a larger house just a few houses down from their current one.  We made trip after trip, back and forth, stopping only to enjoy pizza, beer, and soda.  (And as a side note, who decided pizza and beer would be the official moving foods?  I don't think I've ever helped with or participated in a move where we've eaten anything else?)  After we got most everything set up, Everett amused himself when he discovered that doing this:

Made his hair do this:

We all toasted with some champagne

And enjoyed the view

From their back patio

That's Sedona in the distance
The boys loved helping carrying and moving - the heavier, the better.  Tegan has been fighting off a cold and cough for a few days now, so she wasn't quite her normal animated self, but she took her responsibility to help with packing and loading boxes very seriously.  And she was, as always, ready for her close-up.

Mom, Dad, and their littlest princess
I'm excited to make new memories in the new house, and to have yet another place to watch the kids grow, play, and explore.


JoAnn said...

When I saw the back patio view I said "That looks like Sedona." And sure enough. I got to visit there as a teen when my grandparents took me on a mission trip to Prescott Valley. I loved it! So beautiful.

jen said...

JoAnn, Sedona is my *favorite* place! Every time we drive north and start to see the red rock, I get almost giddy inside. :-)


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