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Friday, March 25, 2011

T is for Tegan

Tegan (3 years old at the time of this writing) is enamored with letters right now. All letters, but especially the letter T. She will find, and excitedly point out, the Ts everywhere we go. "T for Tegan!" And when she can't find one, she'll make one.... crayons, markers, eye liner, dirt, yogurt... she's not choosy about her medium.

Yesterday was the kind of perfect March day that makes all my east coast friends - who are still under snow in many areas - groan with disgust. Low seventies, blue skies, very gentle breeze. A day that just defied you not to be outside. The kids and I have been a little housebound this week, so we got ourselves moving, got ourselves dressed, and headed to the park.

On the way there, we discussed such important topics as iCarly, what it means to write a bad check, jail (and juvenile hall), Corvettes, The Fray, and current trends in fashion. I would have been content with the day even if it had ended there, I so love riding and chatting with the kids.

But an afternoon of fun was waiting at the park:

There was swinging

And sliding.

More swinging

And running.

More swinging

And climbing.

 Hey look, cousins!

And more swinging.

And important meetings in the sand.


And oh yes, even more swinging.

And last, but absolutely not least, a much looked up to and admired older cousin..

to help her make a gigantic, larger than life, T for Tegan in the sand.

And the day was complete. 

(Today's post was brought to you by the letter T and the number 3.)


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